ITP sector alignment resource bank and video case studies

New Zealand’s Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics have a collective problem to solve. Students are shunning ITPs in favour of University education.

Research has highlighted that one of the biggest barriers to success is the market’s outdated perception of ITPs.

The challenge is to create market awareness of modern ITP education, articulate the features and benefits offered to students, address students and their key influencers and activate a shift in perception.

ITP sector branding resources website The Modern ITP Story strategy document ITP Video case studies


An asset bank was created and made available online, providing all New Zealand ITPs with a range of resources to market the Modern ITP Story to their communities.

From white papers and strategy documents, through to infographics and videos, all of these resources were freely available for download and use across the country.


Ten video case studies were written, filmed and produced to illustrate the unique and diverse opportunities and ITP education can provide.

Our crew travelled New Zealand from top to bottom to capture this series of compelling and inspirational case studies.

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