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    Compass Group

Compass Group are experts in food preparation and service, cleaning and maintenance. Where food’s involved, it’s imperative that staff know exactly what Health and Safety processes to follow to keep everyone safe and well. So what does a random group of animals have to do with it?

Compass needed a clear and fun approach to communicating health and safety guidelines to all staff - something that would be easy to understand and remember. That’s where the animals came in.


We worked with Compass and their existing safety pillars to create the Lifesavers; a group of unique animal characters who each represented a specific safety area. Each animal was suited for the area he represented; from a penguin teaching about temperature control, to a tortoise using his hard shell to explain PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Creative signage for remembering safety precautions Introducing the characters Digital Quiz Merit passport Creative signage Compass Brochure design Creative signage


These characters communicated serious issues to staff in a way that was fun and relatable. They were rolled out across the company one by one with their own animated videos, digital quizzes and signage popping up in some unexpected areas. There was even a Lifesavers colouring in book for staff to take home for their children.

The Compass team loved the interaction with the Lifesavers and each one was eagerly anticipated! The Lifesavers were a great way to introduce some character to an area that can be daunting, while still ensuring staff understood the importance of health and safety regulations.

Lifesavers colouring book Merit passport Creative signage Creative Signage Digital Quiz

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