Respecting a lifetime of experience

What do a punk rocker, a race car driver, a mountain biker and a royal all have in common? Just like the rest of us, they are all growing older every day!

Arvida, one of NZ’s largest retirement community providers, has a revolutionary approach to 65+ living. It focuses on each and every individual and is all about eating well, resting well, thinking, engaging and moving well. The ‘attitude of living well’ underpins how this thinking translates into real life.

Living a life with soul is the essence of Arvida’s vision - being true to who you are and retaining the freedom to choose how you want to live, no matter what your age. We asked real people to highlight what living well means to them – and the answers were full of energy and fiery defiance! Gutsy ‘soulful’ imagery with serious attitude simply came with the territory!

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The campaign style pushes the envelope, showcasing inspirational people sharing the Arvida attitude, determined to retain their independence and freedom to make their own choices. No sugar coating, no watering down, because that’s not how real life is.

People of all ages have responded enthusiastically. Encouraged by shared stories and similar attitudes, engagement with Arvida’s new website has grown beyond expectations. Community life has great social benefits and doesn’t have to mean giving up what you’re passionate about - and Arvida’s belief and attitude is resonating with 65+ audiences like never before.

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